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The Funny Bombshell was born on January 20, 1992, in the small town of Little Haiti located in Miami, FL. During her childhood she expressed a passion for the performing arts and quickly began to pursue it. In 2003 she auditioned and was accepted into Norland Middle School's Magnet program for Drama. Continuing to excel in her training, in 2006 she attended New World School of the Arts high school with a concentration on theater. Four years later, her talents allowed her to matriculate on to Florida State University's BFA Acting program.

While there, she was known for her ability to connect with an audience by performing dramatic pieces. But it wasn't until an acting professor presented her with a comedic monologue that she grew a liking for comedy. In 2014 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Florida State, becoming the first in her family to graduate from college. She then began her journey as a social media entertainer after purchasing a camera with the money she had been gifted for graduation.

Bombshell's initial plan was to create YouTube videos on hairstyling. However, while experimenting with her camera, she discovered her niche for comedic skits; creating her characters Nay$Nay, Cecilia, and Terell.

She often uses music in her videos to promote artists, and as a result, they've been re-posted by Saucy Santana, Lil Duval, K. Michelle, Plies, & Ball Greezy to name a few. She also made a cameo in Lil Duval's music video for the hit single City Boy! She films, directs, edits and stars in her own videos, and created this very website!

Since her start in 2015, she has launched The Funny Bombshell Entertainment, LLC 

and her own clothing line "Bombshell Est. Since 1992". The Funny Bombshell now has over 50,000 Instagram followers, 80,000 followers on Facebook and over 180,000 subscribers on YouTube! She was also nominated as Miami Entertainment Awards' Best Social Media Personality in 2019, and in 2022 she received YouTube's Silver Creator Award.

She was recently posted by popular celebrity news blog The Shade Room for her 'Different Types'

rendition and was featured in Voyage ATL's Shoutout Atlanta series for "challenging the status quo". The Funny Bombshell also made the Daily Dot news with her comedic Dollar Tree TikTok viral video which surpassed 1 million likes and 10 million views! Her slogans "A Day Without Her is a Day Without Laughter" and "God Has a Plan for My Brand" are the driving force of her brand. She believes that through faith in God and the support of her Bomb Squad, her dream of performing on a larger platform will soon come to fruition.

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